Why Choose Us?

We have been extensively involved with the event management and travel industry since 1999. We have assisted organizations of all sizes conduct their meetings, conferences, workshops and incentive programs on ships and land resorts throughout the world. We know the industry well and our experience helps you have a cost efficient, cost effective program that is smooth as clockwork and meets your program and budget objectives. Some of the advantages of using us are:
  • It Does Not Cost You More to Use Us 
We are compensated by the vendor through commissions so there is no separate fee or expense to you for booking the event*. The price we give you will be the same or lower than the resort will give you. They are not going to discount the resort price by the commission amount  to you if you book directly, they just keep that savings as extra profit. They have their best interest at heart and all your dealings with them will be centered around what's good for them. They hope your inexperience will leave money on the table for amenities and other things you may not know to ask for. Booking a large group, particularly a meeting and incentive group is not the same as booking an individual vacation.  We are an independent advocate for you. Our client is you and we do everything we can to get you the most for the money you are spending and to take advantage of every program available to do it. Booking directly with the vendor generally means you will be dealing with a large call center and may or may not deal with the same person twice. With us, you know exactly who you will be dealing with and we know how to take care of whatever needs to be done.
  • Experience Counts
We know how to get the most for your money and how to negotiate with the resort to ensure your program is a success. Most importantly, we know the unique differences in the brands and resorts to ensure the right one is selected that will best serve the unique characteristics and demographics of your group.

  • Attention to Detail
There are a wide variety of issues related to the Department of Homeland Security and a myriad of other requirements that can be costly or disruptive if not done properly.  Look at it this way, if your group is 100 people for example and you make a $1.00 mistake in the bookings, you have just spent $100 you didn't have to. If you make a $10 mistake, which is not hard to do for the inexperienced or untrained, you are suddenly incurring significant unnecessary expenses. This is all avoidable.  We have sophisticated software and systems coupled with experienced and knowledgeable staff that pay close attention to detail so we protect your interest.

*We do offer  special optional fee based services such as a unique event website for your program with online registration and booking and site management at a nominal fee but again, those are strictly optional to you.